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Any recommendations for a 10 KW solar/wind inverter?

posted Aug 21, 2012 23:54:10 by suttonnc
We have some applications where we need 24 hour power. Some are off grid, some are on. There is a diesel generator at all locations. The goal is to minimize the use of diesel. Any recommendations for a 10 KW solar/wind inverter?

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SarahElizabethRaymer said Sep 05, 2012 17:05:12
So you're looking for a good inverter that can be used with a bi-modal hybrid system?
This would be a great question for tomorrow night's SolarMOOC presenter: Ryan Light- he'll be presenting on sizing off-grid systems. He specializes in Off Grid and Wind systems. Will you be able to tune into the webinar at 6PM Central time tomorrow? If so, message me during and I will connect you with him to speak directly at the end. If you can not be available to talk with him directly, you can contact him via email:
Please post what you find out so we can all benefit form the share of knowledge!


Best of luck:)
suttonnc said Sep 06, 2012 21:35:51
Thanks! I am signed up and looking forward to it!
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