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What do you need help with in preparing for the NABCEP PVI Exam?

posted Aug 06, 2012 21:04:32 by SarahElizabethRaymer
Hi everyone!
I'm interested in starting the SolarMOOC NABCEP prep mania again, and I'm looking for questions and comments to guide discussions, blog posts, presentations, etc.
What are you finding difficult to get your head around?
What do you think you need a review of?
What would you recommend that others read or review to help them prepare?

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suttonnc said Aug 22, 2012 00:48:28
formulas, formulas, formulas.....
SarahElizabethRaymer said Sep 03, 2012 18:38:41
Did you catch the Formulas review Part 1 I did on August 23rd?
Visit the SolarMOOC webinar schedule and scroll down to August- you can click directly on the link to watch the video. You can go to the Newletter archive and open the Newsletter to get the powerpoint slides as well.

I will be doing part 2 on the 13th!

Let me know if there are any specifics I can help you with. I'm preparing to take the exam to- and each question I answer leaves me more prepared in the end.
Thanks :)
suttonnc said Sep 06, 2012 21:35:00
Thanks Sarah,

I had some trouble with my sound for the Formula review that you did, but have watched it afterword.

Looking forward to the next one!


(I will let you know specifics as they arise... I am still at the "I don't know what I don't know" stage....)
SarahElizabethRaymer said Sep 13, 2012 01:53:23
I know how that feels- the "I don't know what I don't know " stage! The best cure for that is to attempt to take the exam one time, and then retake it if you don't pass. Its worth it to have an idea of where your weaknesses are.
On the cheaper side- go through the NABCEP 2009 Study Guide. Google it or find it on our website in the Newsletter archive- I know I have included it as a suggested download several times recently with a link.
There are 92 questions in there! You can get a feel for where your weaknesses are by going through it and seeing what you can answer and what you can't.

Part 2 is tomorrow!!
SarahElizabethRaymer said Sep 13, 2012 17:20:35
Let me state that the 2009 study guide IS absolutely NOT completely sufficient for preparation for the exam. The exam is developed and gone over by psychometricians to make sure the questions are truly testing your knowledge, and this sample grouping of questions has not been through this process.

NABCEP just issued a new 2012 Installer Resource Guide, version 5.3 I believe, and it includes the Job Task Analysis and where to find each topic. Check it out!!
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